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Amana-Key is a consulting and executive education company, which specializes in radical innovations in the management, strategy, and leadership of complex organizations.

Amana-Key's “raison d’être” is to put its cutting-edge know-how at the service of organizations that seek to ensure excellence in everything they do.

That purpose is based on the assumption that, as more corporate, governmental, and civil society organizations work with excellence in their respective fields, the more the society as a whole will evolve – with balance – in a healthy and sustainable way.

Amana-Key Educational Programs

On this unity we concentrate all our executive education activities: the updating of leaders in relation to what is currently most innovative in management, strategy, and leadership.

It is the objective of this unity also to help client organizations to ensure a more and more balanced evolution of their executives: balance between technical and human, strategic and operational aspects, control and creative freedom etc.

This objective is reached through both open programs, like the APG, Amana-Key Advanced Management Program, and customized programs for specific organizations (closed groups).

Apg Senior

APG Senior

Advanced Management Program

Running over five full and super intensive days, this program is led by Oscar Motomura and guest professors. The APG Senior is a high impact program to update leaders on the most advanced and innovative management practices. Special emphasis is given to cutting-edge solutions that organizations from different parts of the world are creating for their current and future critical equations. As well as these cutting-edge solutions that go beyond the traditional concept of "best practices", Amana-Key provides participants with "templates" to create innovations that are deeply rooted in all the organization’s critical dimensions for its sustainable development. The conceptual framework of the APG Senior – systemic leadership and management – and its revolutionary teaching method make the program the best learning experience for leaders to join and remain in a constant state of evolution in management, strategy and leadership.

Apg Middle

APG Middle

Advanced Management Program

Running over five full and super intensive days, this program is led by Oscar Motomura, the Amana-Key team and guest professors. The APG Middle is a high impact program for managers to join and remain in a constant state of evolution and growth, while bolstering their ability to create and sustain high engagement settings and environments of increased effectiveness. The conceptual framework of the APG program – systemic leadership and management – and its revolutionary teaching method are also a hallmark of the APG Middle and they are aimed at stimulating insights and attitudes that mobilize participants to a more innovative, collaborative and conscious action. Amana-Key provides participants with "templates" to create innovations that are deeply rooted in all the organization’s critical dimensions so that its leaders can contribute for its sustainable development. The APG Middle program works together with the APG Senior and not only helps to strengthen alignment but also leads to ongoing acceleration of the organization’s modernization processes.



APG for Coordinators and Supervisors

Running over five full and super intensive days, the Pre Middle program is led by the Amana-Key team. It is a program that provides an outstanding cost-benefit ratio and ensures that leaders in coordination/supervision positions keep as well updated on management and leadership issues as middle and upper management leaders. It is highly experiential and provides high caliber insight into the development of skills and attitudes that are essential to make a leap forward in the level of contribution of top line leaders. The APG Pre Middle program also imparts a strong consistency between action and values while ensuring the perfect alignment of concepts, language, communication, attitudes, engagement and “making it happen” across the organization’s leadership pipeline – from top to bottom.



Directed to young people in early executive career.

(More information soon.)


On this unity we concentrate all our consulting activities in management, strategy, and leadership. Amana-Key’s consulting area is at the service of complex organizations who are in the process of searching for innovative solutions to their most challenging, relevant equations (including the so-called “impossible equations”). Some examples of such equations would be: the reinvention of the organization’s macro strategies, the integration of cultures, in cases of mergers and acquisitions, the need for a new structural design that will lead to a more organic/less hierarchical management etc.




Our purpose is to contribute to the common good – for the welfare of everyone and everything that make up the greater whole in all of its dimensions –
through management and leadership exercised with increasingly higher levels of excellence, innovation and consciousness.

Our purpose can be summarized by our motto:

Radical1 innovation2 in management3 for a better4future for all5.

  • Radical meaning going to the origin, to the root of things. Novel solutions that address the root cause of the "impossible equations" that Amana-Key always seeks to solve.
  • 2
  • Rather than seeking existing “best practices”, we strive to create new practices that lead to unprecedented levels of evolution.
  • 3
  • Our core field is management, strategy and leadership of complex business and government organizations.
  • 4
  • We operate based on the assumption that every short-term action should necessarily contribute to the evolution of the whole in the medium and long term.
  • 5
  • We seek the welfare of the greater whole by fully including all living beings, without any form of exclusion.
  • What differentiates us

    It is innovation, vanguard, radical creativity, “out of the box” solutions. It is the pursuit of the unprecedented with courage to enter not yet explored fields. It is the audacity to face “impossible equations” and make solutions viable, mobilizing the creativity of many.

    It is the combination of highly conceptual and highly practical/pragmatic approaches. It is succeeding to deal fluently with what is more subtle and less tangible/obvious. It is the capacity to always approach high management issues from a broad point of view (which takes into account all stakeholders), a typical behavior of statesman leaders.

    What differentiates us is our didactic methodology, which does not give recipes, but rather provokes profound reflections and generates insights. It is our ability to communicate, which, by uniting reason and emotion, succeeds to generate high levels of engagement and motivation, including in our work with large groups. It is to always create “customized” solutions, without the replication of ready and “one fits all” formulas.

    Apg Senior

    Our Team

    Oscar Motomura

    Founder, CEO and senior facilitator of Amana-Key programs for leader development, Mr. Motomura is a specialist in business management, strategy, and leadership. Holds a degree in Business Administration from São Paulo Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and a masters degree in Social Psychology from the University of São Paulo (USP) with specialization courses in the United States on Finance, Banking and Technology Management. As a multi-disciplinary executive with comprehensive management and business administration experience, Mr. Motomura provides unique expertise in the human sciences area, especially conflict mediation and complex negotiations, culture integration projects and change management. Has honed his skills in the area of identity reinvention and macro-strategies for large public and private organizations – both national and multinational companies – in Brazil and abroad. Mr. Motomura’s extensive relationship network includes several of the world’s top management specialists and prominent personalities in science, art and humanities.

    Deise Fukamati

    Amana-Key director and a communications and marketing specialist, acts as a liaison between Amana-Key and its clients, the Brazilian business community and government bodies. Holds a degree in Journalism from the University of São Paulo. Started her career in television as a newscaster and founded and managed an advertising agency. Has been with Amana-Key since 1980, when she started the company’s executive education area. Is actively involved in helping organizations’ senior management and the HR area to define their subtler and less evident needs for leader growth and development.

    Elisabety Herani Alves

    Amana-Key director, senior consultant and facilitator of executive education programs. Is an economist, specialized in People Management and trained in consciousness evolution programs. Worked for over 20 years as a Human Resources executive in the Brazilian electricity sector. Has extensive experience in public administration, was a member of the creative team for the structuring of the National Agency of Electric Energy. Has been with Amana-Key since 2001 working in the customer service area and as coordinator and facilitator for the company’s executive education programs and in consultancy projects.

    Marco Pellegatti

    Amana-Key director and senior consultant. Is responsible for the company’s Center for the Preparation of the Future. Holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo (USP) and an MBA from Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University in the USA. After working at university and in an investment bank, Marco joined Amana-Key in 1988 where he has developed R&D projects on management and strategy, future prospecting and strategic innovation programs, as well as culture change. Is also a specialist in social network analysis, certified by NetForm International, and a certified facilitator of Celemi* simulations.

    Tarcisio Cardieri

    Amana-Key director, senior consultant and facilitator of the company’s executive education programs. Holds a degree in Psychology, Sociology and an MBA in Business Administration from Pace University, New York. Worked as an executive for both Brazilian and multinational companies in the areas of Marketing, Product Development, and Human Resources, and as a business consultant in management and organizational development. Joined Amana-Key in 1989 and has worked as a project leader in culture change and leader development projects and in the creation of learning tools. Is a certified facilitator of Celemi* simulations

    Special Guests

    Many Amana-Key programs are also facilitated by collaborators from a variety of specialties and backgrounds (philosophers, scientists, academics, artists, leaders from cutting-edge enterprises, etc) besides Brazilian and international avant-garde thinkers through exclusive videos produced by Amana-Key. These guest facilitators are rotated on a regular basis in line with the evolution of the Amana-Key programs and their participants.

    * Celemi is a Sweden-based company and an Amana-Key partner with 30 years experience specialized in the application of business simulations and learning tools.

    Amana-Key Campus

    Our headquarters in São Paulo symbolizes our continuous quest for interaction. It is a cozy and intimate venue especially designed to create a unique atmosphere capable of providing potentially transforming insights and an exchange of experiences among participants of Amana-Key educational programs.


    Along his career, Oscar Motomura (founder, CEO and senior facilitator) has produced innumerous articles for magazines, journals and Amana-Key publications. See below some recent materials and learn more about his work.

    By Oscar Motomura
    By Oscar Motomura


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