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We are a Brazilian corporation specializing in cutting cutting-edge innovation in management, strategy, and leadership for public and private organizations. Our purpose is to advance the common good, sharing our know-how with organizations that want to reach excellence and a high level of consciousness in everything they do.


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APG Amana-Key

Preparing today's leaders for the challenges of tomorrow

A program designed to approach management, strategy and leadership in an integrative, systemic way. A unique program that stands out for its acute focus on promoting what is best for the organization in tandem with what is best for society and by its highly innovative educational design. Aimed at leaders of public and private organizations.


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Continuous support for APG Alumni

Unlike traditional coaching, practiced on a one to one basis, AmanaCoaching is an innovative way of sharing our collective accumulated knowledge with every Amana-Key alumnus. Under the guidance of Oscar Motomura, the Amana-Key staff and its knowledge partners, AmanaInsights is available to participant leaders and their organizations..


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The search for transformations that make possible the impossible

The search for transformations that make possible the impossible. Offered at Amana-Key’s uniquely designed facilities, these one to three day immersions are designed to:

• Inspire leaders to formulate the most critical equations (today and future)

• Align the company culture with the way to lead in pursuit of top-notch teamwork within the organization.


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Ensuring 360-Degree Training for Leaders

A set of two-day programs (for open enrollment and in-house sessions) to round out senior and middle managers’ skill set: “Finance for nonfinancial professionals”, “Human strategies for non-HR leaders”, “Business acumen and innovation for non-entrepreneurial leaders”, among others.

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The Amana-Key campus in São Paulo offers a variety of services, ranging from state-of-the-art audiovisual technology used in its auditoriums and dialog rooms to home-made style food served fresh on campus. For participants wishing to experience true immersion in our executive programs, Amana-Key also offers comfortable and quality accommodation.

Campus: Amana-Key Campus / São Paulo – Brazil

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