APG Middle


For leaders holding middle management positions

Program objective

Running over five full and super intensive days, this program is led by Oscar Motomura, the Amana-Key team and guest professors. The APG Middle is a high impact program for managers to join and remain in a constant state of evolution and growth, while bolstering their ability to create and sustain high engagement settings and environments of increased effectiveness. The conceptual framework of the APG program – systemic leadership and management – and its revolutionary teaching method are also a hallmark of the APG Middle and they are aimed at stimulating insights and attitudes that mobilize participants to a more innovative, collaborative and conscious action. Amana-Key provides participants with "templates" to create innovations that are deeply rooted in all the organization’s critical dimensions so that its leaders can contribute for its sustainable development. The APG Middle program works together with the APG Senior and not only helps to strengthen alignment but also leads to ongoing acceleration of the organization’s modernization processes.


Key topics

• The profound reinvention of middle managers’ roles within organizations: from information relayers and commands to chief specialist engineers to "well-rounded" professionals, who are able to create teams and solutions that make the organization's higher strategies turn into effective outcomes.

• Refining relationship skills that are essential to the dynamics of the organization's human networks and networks involving suppliers, customers, competitors, and society as a whole.

• Promoting streamlined alignment of mental models among the organization's employees and creating healthy and robust organizational cultures that enable innovative strategies to achieve the organization's purpose.

• "Durable skills" that need to be developed (at mastery level) by all middle managers to speed up training and development of high performance teams: sense of judgment and solution of ethical dilemmas, creative and systemic problem solving, facilitation of productive and solution-driven meetings, resignifying the meaning of work and of the sense of belonging, ability to influence and resolve conflicts in a peaceful way, among others.

• Preparing for the path towards senior management and for transitions toward new careers and positions.



For leaders holding senior and high management positions

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For senior and middle management executives (including those who have attended the long apg program)

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APG Gestão

For leaders of governmental institutions

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