APG Senior


For leaders holding senior and high management positions

Program objective

Running over five full and super intensive days, this program is led by Oscar Motomura and guest professors. The APG Senior is a high impact program to update leaders on the most advanced and innovative management practices. Special emphasis is given to cutting-edge solutions that organizations from different parts of the world are creating for their current and future critical equations. As well as these cutting-edge solutions that go beyond the traditional concept of "best practices", Amana-Key provides participants with "templates" to create innovations that are deeply rooted in all the organization’s critical dimensions for its sustainable development. The conceptual framework of the APG Senior – systemic leadership and management – and its revolutionary teaching method make the program the best learning experience for leaders to join and remain in a constant state of evolution in management, strategy and leadership.


Key topics

• Technical, political, cultural, strategic, and human aspects that define the evolution of private, public and society organizations as a whole in the short-, medium- and long-term.

• Roles that senior leaders within organizations need to play in an increasingly innovative and integrated/systemic way to make a difference in times of great challenges as we face today.

• The risks of "ready-made recipes" and "best practices" that quickly become obsolete in times of rapid global change.

• Continuous streamlining and updating of mental models so as to make a difference in a new and urgent global context.

• Cultural alignment of leadership teams to address the turbulence inherent in the current phase of transition to a new global game.

• "Durable skills" that need to be developed (to exceptional levels of mastery) by all senior leaders to make the organization increasingly well positioned: the ability to think strategically and systemically; the ability to handle unprecedented challenges and ensure radically creative solutions; the ability to lead in contexts of high uncertainty; the ability to motivate and integrate large groups; the ability to make it happen, etc.

• Self-knowledge, self-development and the creation of one’s own means and modes to keep constantly evolving.



For leaders holding middle management positions

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For senior and middle management executives (including those who have attended the long apg program)

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APG Gestão

For leaders of governmental institutions

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